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Bookkeepers record daily transactions on behalf of a company, institution or individual, including sales, payments and inventory. It might sound like an accountancy role, but bookkeepers do not create financial statements or reports, they simply record every transaction and keep financial records about the business or organisation.

A bookmaker’s typical tasks can include recording deposits and cheques in a register, keeping the register updated and ensuring that it reconciles with the bank each month. Many companies and organisation choose to use accountants only at the end of the financial year to prepare tax documents. For the rest of the year bookkeepers ensure that a business’s books are kept in order, ensuring that transaction are recorded properly, keeping business finances running smoothly throughout the year.

Bookkeeping positions usually exist within small businesses, while large businesses and corporations usually employ “accounting clerks” or “accounting assistants” which do a very similar job. People who work in these types of roles usually work alongside an accountant to ensure that all financial transactions which happen in a big business are accurately and efficiently recorded.

If a job in bookkeeping interests you, the best thing you can do is talk to one. Ask them about their job and find out what motivates, inspires, annoys and frustrates them about their job. You could even ask for some work experience or the opportunity to shadow them on their job. There’s nothing which can better prepare and educate you about this type of role than experiencing it first-hand. An education will help you to rise to the level of accountant, but you can consider taking on internships or part time roles in bookkeeping to help gain invaluable experience while you study. Applying the principles in a real world context will help classroom activities make sense.

Many companies only wish the hire a bookkeeper on a freelance basis, due to tight recruitment budgets. Businesses need knowledgeable and experienced bookkeepers who can maintain accurate business records. Outsourced bookkeepers can provide VAT calculations, payroll processing, tax preparation and sales invoicing services.

Outsourced bookkeeping firms have developed, and this is often the preferred method for big businesses who need security and reliability. It means than individual bookkeepers can be qualified and recommended through the outsourcing agency, which also means they are more reliable. When you look at the rates which accountants can charge it’s easy to see why many companies prefer to hire bookkeepers on a short term basis.

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